The Latest Stairlifts from Access Stairlifts

If you or someone you care about is struggling with mobility, then a stairlift could be the ideal option for helping them to retain their independence and potentially stay in their own home for longer. For many seniors, being able to stay in their lifelong home is a matter of great importance and is something that helps to improve their mental wellbeing, keeping them feeling confident and happy. If a senior loses that independence then often their health starts to decline in other ways because they start to “feel old”.

The latest stairlifts from offer mobility and freedom of movement, and there are stairlifts available for any kind of staircase, including the most common home designs as well as older and more unusual or narrow staircases.

The Flow 2 Stairlift 

Perhaps the most popular of the latest stairlifts from Access Stairlifts is the Flow2. This stairlift is suitable for installation on almost any kind of staircase, and it features automatic swivel and leveling technology which means that you can fit it even if the staircase is very narrow. It will fit on a staircase as small as 610mm in width. The lift will turn while in motion, which means that it can adapt even to unusual layouts. The seat is comfortable and features robust armrests, and it is easy to control too.

The HomeGlide 

For those who want something that is simple and no-frills, but that is highly reliable and robust, as well as comfortable, the HomeGlide is a perfect option. This is one of the latest stairlifts from Access Stairlifts, and it is affordable, safe and durable. It is a good choice for homes with a single, wide staircase, where residents want a simple lift to offer freedom of movement for older or disabled residents.

There is another option, the HomeGlide Extra, which is a compact, elegant and visually appealing lift that comes in a range of fabric colours. It is a very simple design and it is easy to fit onto a staircase with minimum disruption. It features an aluminum track for smooth and simple operation.

Decades of Experience 

Access has more than three decades of experience in helping people to retain their independence and mobility and is here to help homeowners and business owners to enjoy the benefits of freedom of movement. In addition to the standard lifts and chairs that are available in the current range, there is the option to enjoy bespoke lifts that are designed for your specific circumstances.

If you are interested in something that perhaps can accommodate a wheelchair user, then in addition to the latest stairlifts from Access Stairlifts you might want to look at the home lifts that are a relatively new addition to the service. These lifts are suitable for slightly bigger properties and are similar to the lifts that you may be used to in apartments, flats, and commercial properties.

Why Choose a Stair Lift? 

It is not uncommon for people to struggle to get up and down stairs as they get older, or after an injury. Whether you are a young adult with a knee injury or back problem, or someone who is struggling with mobility and balance as you age, there are many reasons that stairs may present a challenge to someone.

There is no need to move out of your property and into a care home or a bungalow just because your stairs are a little bit of a challenge. As long as you can navigate the rest of the property relatively easily, using a chairlift to get up and down the stairs is a simple option that would allow you to stay in the property that you have invested so much time into and that you are comfortable with. Why leave your neighbours and struggle to integrate into a new community when you can stay where you are?

A chair lift is a flexible and simple option. They are not a new invention, indeed you may have helped your parents get them installed in their homes a long time ago. If so, you will be glad to learn that the latest designs have much better technology that allows them to be installed in more varied situations.

Innovations in Installation 

Early models struggled with corners, radiators, furniture and other ‘obstructions’. The latest designs can work around these and can be used in a wider variety of situations. There are chairs that are quite compact and that are intended for people who have a decent level of mobility, and there are others that will swivel and turn, and drop lower, which can be used for people who need to transfer from a wheelchair onto the stair chair.

Some lifts are fitted to the wall and these are a permanent installation or are quite difficult to remove. Others can be fitted to your staircase rather than to the wall itself. These models are much easier to fit in the first place and to remove later. If you are caring for someone who has had an operation recently and who are struggling to manage the stairs right now because they are still healing and going through physiotherapy, then this type of design is a good option for them. It will help them get up to their bedroom or bathroom while they are recovering. When they get better, the lift mechanism can be removed.

These temporary options are sometimes used by people who are planning on moving soon, too. They can be removed when you move out, so the new occupant does not have to put up with a lift that they never use. Temporary lifts are still durable and reliable and are a good option for a lot of people. They are not one-size fits all offering, and it is a good idea to arrange a visit from Access before you make any decisions so that they can highlight the benefits and downsides of the different styles and models and you can make an informed decision.