People purchase domestic or commercial Safes once in a lifetime. They never go out of fashion, neither they come with a “use by date”. But still, there are various things one need to consider while purchasing this type of protection. These factors help you to decide which one will be the best and right product for your purpose.

Why you need a Safe?

It will help you identify whether you need a fire safe or a general one. In case you are buying one, keep important papers in it, you need to check the fire ratings for it. Fire ratings mean how much time it will endure and safeguard the stuff inside it.

If you want to keep cash or jewelry or anything similar, a secure container will be enough for you. Check for fire ratings as well as insurance rating to know how much fire it can withstand as well as how much amount it can keep. You need to consider the build quality as well to see how strong it is and how much valuables it can protect.


Size of the safe

It’s essential to decide the size of domestic or commercial Safes. Always buy one size bigger than you need, since it’s a onetime investment and the valuables you might want to keep will increase with time. No need to cramped it inside.

There are products which are just meant to keep your laptop save, which are a little short as compared to other safes. This is because most laptops are flat. This kind might not be best if used for taller items.

In case you want to keep big things, or the number of items, you need a strong room instead of this type of protection. These are best for banks and other government offices where the need is high. Even those who run a family business can use it as a domestic safe at home.

Most of the renowned sellers or resellers have a whole list of internal dimensions so that you can choose the one you are looking for as per your need.

What are the available options for locking the safe?

After deciding the size that you require, now consider the options available for its locking. Different locks suit different users and can also affect the price, convenience as well as security of the safe. The simplest type of locking is using a key, but there are other methods as well such as electronic interfaces, mechanical combinations, and biometric locks.

Key safes are the most economical and easy to use ones. But if the user loses the key, the undo process can be expensive.

The safes having mechanical combinations may look like the ones you have seen in movies, having a number pad on it. For centuries these safes are used for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. They provide protection, but they are not too convenient to use. Professional thieves can quickly open it. Therefore, people prefer using electronic locks.

Buying a branded make with an electronic lock might be a bit expensive for you, but it’s worth the investment. Some brands may allow using multiple codes to open them so that each family member can have his/her own code to open the lock. It will be easier for you to know who used the safe recently. Some products might even have the feature of saving the history of lock’s usage. It is of great use for commercial purpose and can prove to be quite useful in case of burglary.

Several safes have advanced electronic locks which have a feature of time delays, remote control, and time locks.

Now, the next locking system which is used to keep highly confidential things is the biometric locks. In this system, thumbprint, retinal scan or any other aspect of the owner’s body is used to open the safe. Earlier these were not so reliable, but with the modern technology, it has advanced and proving highly beneficial for commercial as well as domestic owners. The main advantage of using a biometric type of product is that only the correct user can open it and there is nothing to remember or no key to handle.



Once considering these factors, you can also consult with a security expert to know which domestic or commercial safe will be the best for you.