Are you a resident or visitor in Cork and contemplating ordering food online for the entire family? Then you are probably also thinking about making the best health choices rather than fall for the charms of comfort food that does not really keep hunger at bay for any considerable length of time. Here are some tips that will make your online ordering experience much more enjoyable and ensure that you make healthier choices when it comes to Food Takeaway Services.

8 Tips for Ordering Healthy Takeout Online

  1. Watch your calorie count

It sounds cliché but there is probably limited better ways to say it. Ordering online could mean eating healthy and not your excuse to eat irresponsibly and ruin your diet plan in an instant after all the hard work you have put into weight loss and healthy body and picture perfect figure. Be mindful of anything and everything you order and consume particularly the “extras”. Deserts, appetizers and the likes are the ideal hiding spots for excessive calorie bombs just waiting to be smuggled into your system if you are not careful.


  1. Avoid comfort food

The ease with which you can customize your online Food Takeaway Services orders makes it easier and more tempting to add some junk foods to your order. Well, you should not cut them lose all together but order less of them and more of the square foods that really make a balanced healthy diet for you and your loved ones. The way in which junks are displayed seductively on online ordering sites does not help either. What else you can do is try to think of ways to use this takeaway to add some healthier snacks to your fridge for later this week.


  1. Don’t listen to your friends who order unhealthy foods

So you have company and some of the parties present are picketing as you place your order so that you add lots of their favorite but unfortunately unhealthy choices in the order? Don’t listen to them, they can order what they like; order what you need for yourself and those closest to you. You should not give in to the demands and if you fear that you will buy into their idea of ordering junk for dinner, and then just stay away from online Food Takeaway Services sites as long as they are nearby.


  1. Order early enough

Ordering before you get home will avoid the scenario where you are waiting around the house for over thirty minutes just waiting for your order to arrive. During this wait, a lot could happen including a raid on the fridge for some snacks while you wait which is not good for your calorie equation. Whether you are ordering for just you or the entire family, make sure that you prepare ahead and order early so that you do not have to wait longer than 10 to fifteen minutes for the order to arrive. You are also likely to get healthier choices if you order earlier in the day before your mind gets tired and all you want is comfort food.


  1. Stay in your regular eating out outfit

Experts suggest that you should not immediately change into your stretchy sweatpants as you are just about to go to the front door to receive your order. This will encourage you to eat more carelessly than you should. Maintaining your normal outfit, the one you can go out to dinner with your family in, will help you to eat just enough and stay on top of your own cravings. You might be wondering what clothes have to do with any of it but it a scientifically proven fact that how you wear correlates to how much you are likely to eat depending on your mood.


  1. Avoid eating in front of the TV

Recent studies among the world’s biggest Food Takeaway Services foodies  in Cork shows that eating in the company of TV whether interesting programs or boring ones encourages aimless and mindless eating. Yes, OLED TVs seem to go well with online takeaway food container but it is not the way to go if you want to watch your diet even as you enjoy your solitude. You can call up a friend and enjoy your meal while you talk to them making sure that your mouthpiece is not very close by as you are chewing. Texting could also help but it can only do so much other than constantly get that oily film on your touchscreen.


  1. Order healthy extras too

With most online delivery restaurants requiring a minimum dollar amount worth of orders to enjoy a free home delivery within your home area , it is easy to be tempted to add a dessert or “appetizer” that simply topples the balance in the calories equation and totally ruins your well calculated move to lose or maintain weight for a healthy body. What you can do instead is to order some square foods that you can throw in your fridge for later rather than add some extras with a worrying calorie count to your meal. Fruits like apples, bananas, and the like area good addition to have delivered with your takeaway as they offer a perfect snack for later in the week too.


  1. Mind the quantity you order vs the number of people who will eat it

Sometimes they send you one serving and you are like, what? When the meal looks to super-sized because they said jumbo on the menu but you deliberately ignored then just dish out what you should have and put the rest away in a fridge out of sight before commencing work on your share. If you are ordering for you and your loved ones make sure that you don’t order too much or too little as in both cases it can be a pretty good excuse to pump yourselves up with some extra calories from the delivery or supplementary snacks from the fridge.

One big advantage of using online Food Takeaway Services that you can exploit to eat healthier for less is the number of local and international cuisines that are available for you to choose from and customize your meal. You can use Health foods filters on some sites to filter out any foods that are not rated as health foods.

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