Real estate dealers always advise homeowners on getting covers for their premises. There are a couple of cheaper home insurance 2017 trends that guide people on how to go about protecting their properties and households. This applies to both house owners and those who rent out properties. Accidents are unpredictable in that they can occur anytime. Coverage will protect you from incurring huge expenses in case certain risks occur as insurers will help you cater for most damage.

Recently, insurers introduced online policies. This got a widespread acceptance from many clients in that it is quick, easy and convenient. It is also cheaper in that a person doesn’t have to travel from one point to another in search for a perfect policy. As we all know, the business world is becoming digitized on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons insurers are digitizing their services.

There are no services that don’t have challenges. Here are some challenges that internet insurers and clients face:

  • The emergence of fake agencies which don’t exist. These agencies aim at depriving people of their hard worked money.
  • Some people are computer illiterate. This makes it difficult for such people to purchase their desired house policies.
  • Online insurance policies have exhibited a lot of clerical errors. This has made some people doubt its ability to deliver accurate information.

How to purchase online covers

Online services are similar to ordinary services. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while shopping on the internet for a perfect house policy:


  • Start off by planning how much you are willing to spend. Policies vary in terms of prices. There are certain factors that influence the amount of money a person will invest in his/her house cover. Perfect examples include the value of the house and mortgage among others.
  • Contacting a couple of Companies to compare their prices. All cheaper home insurance 2017 trends emphasize on this statement as it helps in selecting a Company with the best rates.
  • Checking out the reputation of selected Companies and confirming they don’t refuse to payout risks when they occur. A person can ask around or look at some reviews from clients.
  • Going through the selected policies. Policies are legally binding. There are consequences in case a party fails to adhere to the terms and conditions. Going through terms and conditions of selected covers will help you determine if it suits you or not. A person should go ahead and sign the policy if the terms favor him.

Alternatively, you can hire a broker to help you in this process. Brokers are in a position to help with the cover policies. These experts don’t work for a particular Company. They are in a better position to discern genuine and fake insurers.

In addition, they are trained to help clients get better rates. A Broker serves one client at a time. This suggests they have more time to address individual needs such as assisting filling details online and checking out the reputation of a selected insurer.

How to differentiate between genuine and fake online insurance Companies

This question is being asked on a daily basis as cases of householders being conned emerge regularly. This can be really frustrating when insured risks occur. It is difficult to discern between genuine and fake insurer. However, here are some tips on how to confirm the legibility of agencies:

  • Use online platforms to check out if the selected Insurers are licensed by the necessary authority. This can be through the internet searching or visiting the registrar near you. Check out the licenses and their expiry date. Studies have revealed that most internet agencies were once registered but didn’t renew their licenses when they expired.
  • Most fake Companies are new. House owners should try their best to transact with those that have been operational for a long time. This minimizes the risks of being conned.
  • Check out the payment methods. Ensure the payment methods are verified and are not suspicious. There have been many incidents where people have lost money online.

How to get cheap premium rates

Here are a few tips on how to secure cheaper home insurance 2017:


Installing alarms in premises

This ranges from fire alarms to thefts among others. These gadgets minimize possibilities of certain risks occurring. Experts have confirmed insurers reduce premium rates of clients who have installed alarm systems in their houses.

Taking advantage of offers

Most householders don’t take advantage of offers. Companies issue offers on a regular basis to attract more clients. Taking advantage of this offer might land homeowners friendly rates.

Paying the highest deductible amount

This technique should be used by those who have money to spare. A person should only pay the amount equivalent to the value of his/her house. This is because insurance Companies only pay out claims equivalent to the level of damage or price of the house.

Paying premiums annually

Homeowners who pay rates annually tend to save a lot of money in the long run compared to those who pay monthly. Annual rates are accompanied with discounts. People should consider this technique if they have some money to spare.

Being loyal to a particular insurer

Also, Companies tend to reward their loyal clients by lowering their rates or giving bonuses. It is time wasting to keep on changing agencies on a regular basis.

Claiming occurred risks

This process is similar to the manual insurance system. This procedure differs, depending on insurers. Let us look at the popular claiming process:

  • First, the occurred risk must be accidental, in that it was beyond a person’s control. Claims are not paid if they were intentional.
  • Insurers advise their clients to contact them immediately accidents occur. This gives them the opportunity to access the situation while fresh. This also makes the process faster.
  • In cases where your selected agency refuses to pay out for accidental claims, a person should immediately report the incident to the necessary authority.

Don’t fear internet based Cover agencies. They are the same that operate physical companies. Use the above guidelines to secure yourself a cheap home insurance.

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