Some people don’t love their body. This can be bad to the point it affects their self-esteem. Such people end up using cosmetic products in the market. Some products are ineffective and leave people more frustrated. There are some breast augmentation specialists who perform this plastic surgery procedure. As the name suggests, this procedure focuses on the breast region. It performs three main functions, namely:

  • It improves the projection and fullness
  • It restores a person’s self-confidence and enhances a person’s self-image
  • It structures breasts and makes them balance

Augmentation depends on fat transfer from one part of the body to the breast region. This procedure is mostly used to increase the size. It also focuses on restoring the rounded shape after pregnancy or weight reduction. This plastic surgery can also be performed after an injury.

Types of implants

Here are some common procedures, breast augmentation specialists handle:

Saline Implants

These implants are filled with sterile salt water instead of fat. This implant is safe for the body in case the shell leaks. The saline will be absorbed and expelled by the body. This procedure provides a firm feel and uniform shapes.

Round Breast Surgery

It aims at making them appear full. There are many options for women to choose from. There are those who prefer less projection whereas there are those who prefer high projection. Most women prefer this surgery because it rarely rotates out of position.

Why should a Person Consider this Cosmetic Procedure?

As earlier stated, there are many cosmetic products in the market that claim to solve their breast problems. These products react differently to people. There are those who will get positive results, whereas there are those who will be disappointed with the selected product. Secondly, a person needs to use a particular product for a long period before results are visible. This might be expensive in the long run. Here are a few reasons why women should consider breast augmentation compared to purchasing cosmetic products: The procedure has been proven safe by medical experts, unlike other cosmetic products that have not been tried and tested on people. Secondly, surgery delivers instant results, unlike other products. This is perfect for people who want instant results. Lastly, it has minimum side effects compared to other products in the market.

Booking a Procedure

This procedure is quite expensive and needs proper planning. Medical experts advise people to use insurance for these procedures instead of cash because a procedure might go wrong and a person might require a second procedure. The booking process starts off by finding a perfect insurance Company that insurers’ plastic surgery. A person should also come up with a list of top breast augmentation specialists in the country or abroad. The selected clinics must accept insurance covers.

The next step involves booking an appointment. This helps a person and her family meets up the surgeon any pressing issue. It also gives a perfect opportunity for the doctor to confirm if he/she can handle the procedure or not. A person should book for the procedure after confirming the surgeon can handle effectively handle the procedure. There are two payment methods clinics accept. They are online payment methods and physical payment methods that people can pay. A person should pay a small amount before the initial procedure.

Here are some tips on how to find a perfect breast augmentation surgeon near you:

  • Looking at their years of experience -This is a delicate procedure and needs to be handled by professionals. The more experienced a surgeon is, the higher the chances of the procedure being a success. Experienced doctors have handled procedures over and over. This makes it easy for them to handle complications that might arise during procedures.
  • Qualification-This is very vital. Asking for papers or checking out a doctor’s title installs confidence on a person. A doctor needs to have enough training to handle any surgery. A person can check out various comparison sites for a list of qualified plastic surgery specialists.
  • Reputation-Cosmetic doctors aren’t the same. There are those don’t handle procedures as instructed by their clients, whereas there are those that cause complications during these operations. This makes clients undergo complications while recovering. People should choose doctors with high reputable standards.
  • Price-This is very vital as it influences the kind of clinic a person will undergo the breast augmentation. A person should choose a clinic that is affordable.

Common Complications Encountered

Here are some complications that a person might encounter when cosmetic surgery goes wrong:

Nerve Damage or Numbness

The breast region contains a lot of nerve systems. Surgeons should be careful when operating on their clients or they might end up being interfering with the sensitivity of the region leading to permanent or temporary numbness.

Excessive Bleeding

As earlier stated this is a complicated procedure. There have been cases where patients experience excessive bleeding. This problem can cause total blindness or even death if not addressed on time. As a result, patients are advised to contact their doctors after encountering noticing blood on their wounds.

Families are always worried about their loved ones as there are many myths surrounding it. There is a myth that people who have undergone cosmetic surgeries cannot feed their children in the future. This is a myth that should be disregarded. Secondly, there is a popular myth that claims boob jobs will eventually fall out with time. This isn’t true. In fact, a person doesn’t need a second operation if the first one was successfully handled.

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